Meal Prep

Chef-Prepared Delicious & Healthy
Meals Delivered Weekly

Why Meal Prep with Homestyle?

We take pride in saving our clients time from stressful planning & preparing meals. We provide our clients with delicious homestyle meals that allow them to eat unapologetically without cheating on their goals. By completing our Meal Prep Survey and purchasing one of our meal prep packages is all that is needed in getting one step closer to deliciously prepared meal prep.

4 Delicious Options to Choose From

✓ Healthy Balance
✓ Keto
✓ Vegetarian
✓ Vegan

How It Works

✓ Free Consultation & Meal Prep Survey
✓ Delicious Chef-Prepared Meals
✓ Customized Plan
✓ Secured Payment

Standard Meal Prep

Starting at $125

All the options below comes with 2 meals a day for 5 days with a grand total of 10 meals. There will be 5 different types of meals.


Standard package but there is nothing standard about it. This is our most popular meal prep package. By selecting this package, you will receive lunch and dinner for 5 days with a grand total of 10 deliciously prepared meals. This plan will have at least 2-3 meal repeats of each dish. Prices may vary if you require a custom, vegan, or athlete needs.

5 Days 7 Days
1 Meal a Day 5 Meals: $65 7 Meals: $90 
2 Meals a Day 10 Meals: $130  14 Meals: $180 
3 Meals a Day 15 Meals: 200 21 Meals: $270

Freestyle Me Up

With the Free- Style Me Up, there is no room for getting bored. Let every time you open your meal container be an exciting surprise. You will receive lunch and dinner for 5 days totaling up to 10 unique meals unapologetically indulge in. Other meal plans have @ least  2-3 meal repeats.

(A different dish each meal)

  5 Days 7 Days
1 Meal a Day $100 $140
2 Meals a Day $200 $280
3 Meals a Day $300 $420

Special Restrictions: Athletes/ Strength Training ($16-20/ meal), Pescatarian ($14-18/ meal) Vegan ($14-16/ meal) Custom Meal Prep ($15-20/meal)

All Things Sea Moss

Sea moss is one of nature's superfoods. It contains 92 of the 102 minerals that our body needs to thrive. Such as zinc, iodine, iron, calcium, potassium, B-complex vitamins, sulfur, etc. Allow daily sea moss to be a part of your daily regimen. Just take one tablespoon every day. May be consumed or applied topically.Last 3 weeks in the refrigerator and 2-3 months in freezer.

Seamoss Shots

  • Mind uR Mango
  • Green Godd-ess Hood
  • Berryful

Assorted Sea Moss Shots

5 Shots: $15

10 Shots: $20

15 Shots: $25

20 Shots: $30


Seamoss shots→ Jar $40 ea.

Original Sea Moss

 (92 minerals)

$30 ea.

All 102 Minerals

(Burdock root + Bladderwrack)

$45 ea.

How can I receive major savings?

➔ Eco-Friendly Savings*

◆ Save $10 every week by reusing your meal prep containers

➔ Payment in Advance

◆ $120 every week if you pay 4 week in advance

➔ Refer-a-Friend

◆ You & your friend save $20 off your meal prep when you refer a friend that gets a meal prep service.

➔ Subscriber Love

◆ Post a picture of your meal to Instagram and use #homestyleparadise @homestyle_paradise. Earn up to $10.00 off your next meal prep or catering order ($1.00 per post).*** You must redeem your own subscriber dollars. Provide proof to cash in.